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Synergy Consulting provides Home Health Billing Services

We assist Administration by providing a global picture on billing activities with our monthly management reports.

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Additional Services

Revenue Cycle Management

Consulting for Accreditation

Synergy Consulting Services also provides consulting services for Joint Commission Accreditation, CHAP and ACHC. Let Synergy Consulting Services prepare you for your Onsite Survey; whether you are a new agency looking to become a Medicare Certified Provider for Home Health or an existing agency looking to improve your organization by becoming accredited, we can provide the following during your preparation to ensure that you are ready:

  • Mock Survey preparation
  • Assessment and improvement of your policies and procedures
  • Education and Training programs on current Joint Commission standards
  • Review of Patient Tracer methodology
Coding Services
ICD10 Coding Services will increase your revenue and keep you in line with coding rules and regulations.We provide ongoing training to all certified CPC coders. Outsource your Coding to Synergy Consulting and let our trained coders provide your agency with proper coding. Currently, Synergy will provide ICD-10 coding on a per episode basis and responses within 24 hours of receipt.

Synergy is ready for the transition to ICD-10. We hire only ICD-10 coding Certified Medical Coders. So what are you waiting for? Call us today

Plan of Care and OASIS QA (Oasis Quality Assurance)

Synergy will assist in preparing plan of cares (POC’s) for your Home Health Agency. By using our OASIS data, Medication Profile Sheet and Therapy Evaluation, Synergy can create the POC’s and save your agency both time and money.  Our Nurses will review your Oasis Start of Care and Recertification Oasis.

UTN Requests and ADR Submissions

Synergy will connect to your system and review the Physician Progress note and the Plan of care and any other physician documentation.  We will log into E-Services account and Request the UTN (Unique Transaction Number) and confirm we get an Affirmation. If the UTN is not approved, we will send additional documentation and handle all communication with Medicare Fiscal Intermediary.  Once we receive the Affirmation, we will update the Software system and submit Finals to Medicare.

Our Process for submitting ADR’s (Additional Documentation Required) is to prepare the chart completely , audit it and submit to Medicare on your behalf.  If the ADR is denied, we will prepare and submit to the Second Level of Medicare (QIC) Qualified Independent Contractor.

Provider Relations / Provider Network Management

Synergy Consulting Services offers a full range of Provider Relations services including contract management, Claims Adjudication services, automation of service purchase orders and several communication tools to facilitate management of Provider Networks. In conjunction with our Claims Adjudication services and our Partner Group software, Managed Care Companies or Clients that have Provider networks can benefit from a comprehensive range of services.

Programs and Insurance Payer Development

Your Agency cannot depend solely on Traditional Funding sources such as Medicare and Medicaid. Diversifying your payer mix to accept other types of insurance payers for your Home Health Agency will help expand your patient base. Synergy Consulting Services will create and expand your funding/payer sources for you so you can focus on what really matters, your patients.

Synergy Consulting Services dedicates itself to completing the application process for your Home Health Agency to all possible HMO’s in your area. Once applications are completed by us, Synergy Consulting Services will provide the applications for signature and submission directly to the plans. The following options are available: Medicaid , United Health Care, BCBS, Humana, Commercial Payers and Private HMO Plans.

Long Term Care Program

Synergy Consulting Services will provide your organization with a variety of services. One of these services is completing the Long Term Care  application process to the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) and continues through the implementation of Go Systems Software Lotus Notes Suite which will provide your organization with all the necessary reporting capabilities and transmission files to the State.

Synergy Consulting Services will train your staff in using the Go Systems Health Suite software systems. Synergy Consulting Services can also be outsourced to process all provider claims through the claims adjudication process. Look to Synergy Consulting Services for all your Florida Medicaid Long Term Diversion Program consulting needs.

Project Management

Synergy consultants can use either a spiral, waterfall, incremental, or rapid prototype project management methodology depending on their interest and project type. We have a humanistic, client-centric, and functional approach to project management. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing services that increase your productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage. Our strategic business analysis experience keeps us focused on this mission and your needs.

Claim Adjudication

Managed Care Companies, HMO’s, and various other Providers require the issuance of Authorizations and Adjudication of Claims in order to manage the provision of services to patients.

Synergy Consulting Services can assist clients with all aspects of Claim Adjudication including providing the necessary software, scanning and processing of provider claims, creation of EOB’s, resolution of denials, and related bookkeeping. We also offer clients a broad range of reports to manage their utilization including Liability Reports by carrier, service, client or virtually any variety of metrics.

Data Processing

From time to time, clients have indicated a need for temporary staff to assist on certain projects that have a limited time frame in which to be completed and are not expected to be ongoing. Synergy Consulting Services has a trained staff of data entry personnel and can expand and contract resources based on each client’s needs. This allows us to offer clients solutions for their temporary staffing needs in a very cost-effective and efficient manner.


Does it sometimes seem like your software vendor has no clue about your business? Synergy provides a proven, integrated curriculum for critical skills and knowledge improvement at the individual, team, and management levels.

This methodology and educational offerings can be selectively applied to meet specific skills gaps, or adapted and integrated to provide an end-to-end educational platform for all roles in your organization. Working with the GO! HealthSuite on a daily basis allows our staff to stay up to date with the most current features and benefits of the software.

Training staff members is known to be the most critical step in the deployment of any software. Synergy works with everyone involved to ensure that your needs are met!

Payroll Scheduling

Synergy can assist your agency in processing payroll information. Our staff will confirm notes from field staff in the scheduling system, create payment reports, and provide management with the information needed to pay employees. We’ll also conduct audits on a monthly basis to validate payroll payment.  We are completing Time Sheets for HHA exchange and Tellus (Netsmart) In confirming visits.  Reviewing unmatched claims in the EVV Software and completing payroll/timesheet reconciliation.