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Coding Services

ICD10 Coding Services in Miami, Florida

Revenue Cycle Management

Synergy Consulting provides ICD10 Coding Services. Only CPC Certified coders are used for the coding process. Our response time is within 24 hours of the request.

New changes starting  October 1, 2022 include new Coding reimbursement.  The number of Diagnosis codes change each year and have been updated.

Our coders will make sure to paint a proper picture when coding each of the patient’s cases.  If documentation is not present,  it’s the responsibility of the agency to request from the physician detailed documentation which includes all of the patients diagnosis.  Your reimbursement depends on proper documentation.

Under PDGM, the diagnosis utilized MUST be grouped from approved codes. The  Coding List   consists of  43,278 primary diagnoses acceptable under PDGM. Coders will in the “ICD-10 DXs” tab of the Excel spreadsheet in the PDGM Grouper Tool CY 2019.  Make sure your coders are not incorrectly coding and costing your Agency valuable dollars.

Also, new comorbidity adjustments are crucial.  Understanding how the comorbidity adjustment works is critical to receiving proper payment, as the comorbidity adjustment can increase payment by up to 20%.

Our expert coders are experienced and can be relied upon to provide the most accurate coding available. They will make certain not to over-code to avoid any ADR’s and will provide the accurate coding for the best reimbursement per Federal Guidelines. We understand it’s difficult to train and staff for coding in your Agency as codes change yearly. Allow our experts to provide outsourced coding services. Synergy Consulting Coders are on top of any regulatory changes on ICD10 Coding. Contact Synergy Consulting Services for your Coding needs today!