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Synergy Consulting provides Home Health Billing Services

We assist Administration by providing a global picture on billing activities with our monthly management reports.

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Oasis QA Services in Nationwide

Revenue Cycle Management

Waystar Formerly Zirmed

Waystar provides speed and efficiency in submitting claims.  Synergy Consulting found that by utilizing Waystar, we have been able to audit claims on the Front End reducing errors on submissions, resubmitting claims to payers have increased speeds on  claims processing  and payment times by 33% overall.  

My Ability Provides Synergy with Medicare Claims submission exceptional speed and precision

PPS Plus Software knows all too well about the challenges home health professionals face when reviewing the OASIS. It can be strenuous and time-consuming, leaving the door open for errors to go unseen, reimbursement to go unclaimed and patient outcomes to show inaccurately. Errors and inconsistencies don’t have to go unseen, though. PPS Plus Software’s Home Health Edition instantly alerts home care agencies to those errors and inconsistencies, giving them the opportunity to correct them prior to submission. The result: better reimbursement, accurate outcomes and improved patient care.

Compsys Solutions : Information Technology Consulting and Services Providers

Compsys Solutions is an IT Consulting and Services Provider for Small to Medium Size Businesses including Home Health Agencies in South Florida and Remotely across the nation.

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